Project Wilson

Rapidly Configurable Robot Cell

Project Wilson

Project Wilson is our Rapidly Configurable Robot Cell – one of most unique automation products. Wilson was born out of our company ethos –  “Making Automation Affordable” and is part of our vision of making automation products attractive to small and medium-sized businesses.

Many small and medium-sized businesses do not believe it is viable to automate their manufacturing, expecting a large cost and a complicated project full of risks. Project Wilson incorporates a large amount of standardisation into its design, allowing for a cost-effective low-risk solution to be proposed to our customers.

The challenge for us, when producing a standard cell, was to ensure that it is flexible and configurable. Wilson does this by using additive manufacture (3D printing) to produce its handling tools.

This means that by loading a tray full of parts, which are nested in 3D printed grippers, your robots will have a standard way of picking up any part. This also gives the benefit of being able to quickly change parts with no change over time – just load a different tray of parts.

Project Wilson - one of Infinity Project Designs' automation products.





Additive Manufacturing

The flexibility of additive manufacturing means it is cost-effective to introduce additional parts into your cell. This also means that in the future, Wilson could easily be retooled with a complete new suite of parts if the original set of parts are no longer required.

Wilson is portable and easy to move around your facility. The cell is designed to fit into a transit van for easy delivery to your site or to move between sites. Wilson is also modular and designed so that multiple Wilsons could be connected if a larger solution is required.

Some of the processes that Wilson would be suited to include:

  • Small Part Assembly

  • Casting Form Assembly

  • Cleaning and Deburring

  • Machine Tending

  • End of Line Packaging

This is not an exhaustive list. If you believe you may have a process that Wilson is capable of automating, please get in touch today for a no-obligation site visit, where you can show us your process and we can discuss ideas with you.


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