Making Automation Affordable


25+ Years

Infinity Project Designs Ltd was established in April 2018 with an office and unit based in Tipton, West Midlands, bringing together three directors with a combined experience of 25+ years within the automotive industry – a manufacturing sector highly reliant on automation and cutting edge technologies.

Through the successful implementation of many large-scale automation systems, the benefits of automation for the automotive industry and our customers is clear. That’s why we wanted to make automation accessible for all businesses – especially SMEs.


Making Automation Affordable

25 years of automotive industry experience.

“Making automation affordable” is our company ethos and we strive to be able to supply our customers with cost-effective automation.

We work very closely with our clients through all stages of a project, bringing a focused, driven and collaborative approach.

We understand the importance of giving our clients a competitive edge over their competition, and we use our expertise and skills to develop automation systems that suit the business needs and requirements of our customers.

Our facility will conduct the design phase of any project, which involves designing the system – including the process, tooling, layout and controls – covering all bases with the customer throughout the process with smooth project management services.


The Process

The industrialisation phase is where the project comes to life. The cell will be constructed and tested until fully functioning, signed off with a formal buy off with the customer. This phase can either take place at the customer’s site or at Infinity’s unit.

If Infinity’s unit is used it allows the “noise” of this phase to be kept away from the existing production area. Once bought off, the cell will be moved to the customer’s premises with a much-reduced installation phase and buy off, minimising disruption to normal day to day operation.

We aim to keep the customer involved throughout and offer training and maintenance packages to ensure the cell can be kept in good condition once the install is complete.


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